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Beautiful and  well, the details that matter

Choix du tissu, finitions soignées, c'est ce qui rend un vêtement unique
Etre bien dans un vêtement, ça rend plus belle ! le confort tient à quelques détails

For each model  Kin'noTé, we offer a choice of materials and colors; if  it's not  not enough, we perform
a search for you !


Feel good in clothes  it is first to have  the choice !

When the color, the material, the shape suits you, it's a good start.


Yes  the material is beautiful, that it falls well, it's even better.

easy-going fabrics, prestigious materials, summer or winter linings...


Travel, car trips, meetings abroad, outings with colleagues, luggage that we walk alone, excessive or absent air conditioning .... everything  that  inspire me details  practice   and  some tips,

Kin'noTé clothes accompany you, they are comfortable  and durable.

une boutonnière bien faite, c'est bien; des boutons qui tiennent , c'est mieux, s'ils sont originaux, c'est parfait !

the buttons, it is also what makes the difference between  the loan to  to wear and the made-to-measure...provided they remain  in place !

un petit galon de dentelle à l'intérieu de l'ourlet, voilà un joli moyen de le garder discret et solide
a  hem  unseen must be  watchable and solid!
Nothing more  pretty than an outfit where only the style lines are visible! at Kin'noTé we like discreet hemlines, so  our hems  are  facts  by hand and often edged with a lace braid or  of organza.

It's pretty, it puts  in a good mood  when dressing and hemming  better resists involuntary heel strikes.

les mains Kin'noTé sont douées pour  les beaux ouvrages elles aiment ça!

It is you  certainly  happened to ask you where  you could slip  your passport, or even a few currencies .. in case... You need your laptop, at hand... not permanently in your  hand! And  or slide  your business cards?

At Kin'noTé, we put pockets,  the inside of jackets, coats, and  if you want pants ... just  to ask...


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