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Scarf with fringes weaving canvas soft colors of the Breton moors as soft to wear as to look at.

The violet of the heather softened by  the mohair on  background of salmon beige and khaki green with a touch of lurex.

Materials: very soft wool and mohair with a touch of lurex for chic and for reflections Dimensions: width about 40 cm length about 2 m.

This piece inspires you and you would like a stole or plaid in another color rather than a scarf... Get in touch!

Delivery and  return 

Unless otherwise stated in the product sheet (especially for pre-orders), orders are shipped within 5 -7   working days for standard delivery in France.



Most of our stoles and scarves are made of noble materials, such as wool, alpaca or silk. They are resistant materials, provided you respect a few simple rules: wool is like your hair, if you rub it, it gets tangled. You can wash it in the washing machine, provided that its wool program is worthy of the name .... otherwise, prefer a hand wash, wring without twisting and  dry flat. Like your hair, it loves a little rinse with white vinegar or lemon juice (without the seeds!).

Heather, mohair and wool scarf


    Width about 40 cm, length about 2 m

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