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tissage de luxueuses laines et soie

Textile craftswoman, traditional weaving

Weaver, stylist and pattern maker, I design and create fashion accessories, linens, wall decorations and unique and made-to-measure clothing.

Wool, Linen, Hemp, Tussah Silk, Alpaca or Cashmere are my favorite materials.

Exceptional pieces, therefore, made with love and responsibly, in micro series or as unique piece, in very high quality materials and  if possible sourced locally.

Atelier de tissage à bras, métier à tisser contrebalancé
Cmatières nobles  choisies avec soin .jpg
Monter une chaine est  une opération longue et précise...mais aussi l'exaltation d'un nouveau projet
Mylène Louicellier, Créatrice de Kin'noTé, styliste, modéliste et tisserande en Bretagne

The creator

Mylène Louicellier, creator of Kin'noTé is a textile craftswoman based in Brittany. 

Many elements of Japanese design are the basis of her inspiration: 

Simplicity and minimalism, respect for craftsmanship, the uniqueness of the beauty of materials, singularity as an aesthetic basis, creativity as a combination of tradition and innovation...

She works with noble materials with a concern for texture and volume, explores the oldest methods such as the new possibilities of 3D weaving and seeks harmony between colors, structure and materials in each piece.

Creation stories

Vibrations d'automne
The Kin'noTé collections
métier à tisser , l'outil du tisserand, artisan d'art et métier d'art
Textile design
dessin de mode pour une femme en mouvement
Tailor-made clothes

Kin'noTé clothing and accessories are, without exception, designed and made in Brittany, with noble materials and as natural as possible, fabrics woven in the workshop or from haute couture surpluses.

Découpe de tissu

Our news

KIMONO-BLEU en lin et soie pièce unique.jpg

Heritage Clothing

There are clothes that are timeless.

Their design, often utilitarian, has been thought out, tested, improved by generations and constantly optimized to perfection. These clothes bear witness to a culture, their manufacture is steeped in history and wearing them is also bearing witness to it.

Kin'noté inaugurates a series of heritage garments and wishes to exalt their history by linking them to our modern life. These clothes, woven and made by hand, are made exclusively to order not only are they unique, but they will be for you.

Initiations and internships

Alongside its artistic practice and its textile business, Kin'noté offers creative weaving workshops, getting to grips with a loom, but also sewing and model-making.

In a relaxed and warm atmosphere, discover the world of textile creation during a discovery day or during an initiation weekend, in the heart of Brittany, in an old 18th century mill. 

Weaver, stylist and pattern maker, Kin'noté offers you educational and personalized support, in small groups or in private lessons.

métier à tisser_2.jpg
The Kin'noTé collections


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