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Tailor-made clothes

Imagine a wardrobe that speaks of you, rediscover the pleasure of a garment that suits you...​ Play your fashion score, we create with you the clothes that you love...

manteau sur mesure

Cut perfectly adapted to your morphology and your lifestyle, colors and materials in accordance with your personality, demanding finishes and durability, these are the qualities of a made-to-measure garment.

3 appointments for a made-to-measure outfit


We start by listening to you, and of course observing you during a first meeting (at your place of work and during the lunch break if it's easier for you or simply from a distance).
What special occasion for this bespoke garment, what do you like about your figure, do you travel, do you like to move or are you more sedentary? 
What materials, what colors, do you like to wear? sometimes we suggest tests, colors or a new material…

In short, we take the time, with you, to define the garment that fits your life.
If you wish (this is an additional service) we visit your dressing room with you…to better understand your needs.

dessin d'une pièce unqiue
modèle n°1 coloré.png

Then, we carry out a search for trends, colors, materials… and we draw… one, two, three silhouettes.

During our  second appointment, we adjust these drawings together, examine the materials and colors and we comment with you on our estimate.

Then comes the measurement and the creation of your SLOPER Kin'noTé. This Kin'noTé exclusivity allows us to materialize the volumes and particularities of your figure. It is a “cloth dummy” which is adjusted very precisely to you. Much more than just taking measurements, it includes specific markers that allow us to know the dimensions and the way in which the "ups and downs" are distributed on your silhouette. The SLOPER Kin'noTé will then allow you to place an order without fitting... while checking the measurements of your figure.


A try-on later  it's  our third appointment, after a few adjustments if necessary, your garment is ready.

Delivery: Your garment  is delivered to you personally by us, unless you prefer to discover it in the Kin'noTé workshop.

Our production time is approximately 3 weeks after approval of the estimate. This time may be longer for a particularly complex part.
In all cases, it will be specified to you by quote.

robe rose  complète.jpeg

The Kin'noTé details that make the difference

Kin'noTé clothes accompany you, they are comfortable and durable.
Easy-going fabrics, prestigious materials, or exclusive fabrics woven for you, summer or winter linings... feeling good in your clothes means having a choice!

  • Buttons are also what make the difference between ready-to-wear and made-to-measure... as long as they stay in place! so we choose them carefully and sew them by hand. 

  • Nothing prettier than an outfit where only the style lines are visible! At Kin'noTé we like discreet hems, we sew them by hand and often we trim them (inside) with a lace or organza braid; It's pretty, it puts you in a good mood when you get dressed and the hemline is more resistant to involuntary kicks from the heels.

  • You have probably wondered where you could slip your passport, or a few currencies. Just in case... You need your laptop, close at hand... not permanently in your hand! And or slip  your business cards?  At Kin'noTé, we put pockets, inside jackets, coats, and, if you wish, pants... just ask...

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