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The workshop

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oeuvre murale réalisée pour l'exposition "liberté" avril 2023

In the heart of Brittany, nestled under the oak trees along the river, in an 18th century mill, the Kin'noTé studio has different looms with complementary characteristics.
Four or eight sheds, riser or counterbalanced, this equipment allows Kin'noTé to work with various materials and implement different techniques.
It is also the place for experimentation and creative development.
Sewing machines and workshop mannequins allow the transition from fabric to garment, designed as a unique and made-to-measure piece. 

Daylight on reels, heddles, machines, looms, objects of affection, postcards and travel cards, the Kin'noté studio is an open place that welcomes visitors in a preserved and relaxing setting for an introduction to weaving or sewing.
Kin'noté's philosophy, inspired by Japan, is based on respect for materials, constant improvement, particulars and know-how as sources of creativity and innovation.

œuvre collective réalisée pour l'exposition "Foret la Renessence ,  2021
Exposition « FORET : La re[N]essence ! «  | LA PASSERELLE – LIEU D'EXPOSITION (

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