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Textile design 

You are a fashion designer, seamstress, lover of beautiful materials: you want a unique fabric.  

Clothing, furnishings, linens, tableware….
Kin'noTé's textile design creations illustrate the synthesis of its professions, styling for inspirations and color work, model making for the consideration of technical constraints and weaving for the approach to textures...

The result, sensitive to trends, inspired by nature or in harmony with your interior, is the creation of a prototype or a unique yardage, woven in an artisanal way. 

bauhaus, plaid laine et soie, pièce unique.jpg

Designed for you and with you, unique …

We work from your specifications (and if they don't exist, we help you formalize your needs)
The first desires are often expressed by color, an atmosphere, a style... It is on the basis of this "moodboard" that we decide together on the palette of colors and their relationships, but also on the materials to be used, the types of armor (designs) that you will like.

We then develop a model, a drawing, often several (in practice two to three are enough)…this is the textile design stage. (In fact, it's on screen!) Your fabric comes to life…for us, it's also the stage of technical feasibility and options that will allow us to refine our quote.

Etole flamboyante 2

The final step before making your fabric:

The loom sample.
This stage is as exhilarating for us as it is for you: the fabric is palpable, it exists there under our hands and our eyes...we love it!

In fact, what do we deliver? 

If your fabric is intended for industrial production, then we deliver:

  1. A “Robrack” type textile sample (approximately 30 x 68 cm)

  2. Technical description of materials and armor

  3. Walking and chaining.

  4. Samples of yarns and materials used.

If you wish (this is an additional service) we provide technical support for the switch to industrial weaving.

If your fabric is for your personal use, then we deliver:

The footage agreed between us 
Samples of yarns and materials used
Cutting and maintenance tips...
If you wish (this is an additional service) we will assist you with the implementation of your fabric.

tissage artisanal

How much does it cost ? 
It obviously varies according to the complexity of the pattern, the materials used and the destination of the fabric.
The constraints are not the same for a fabric that must protect a wall, a curtain, a room divider or a garment….
In all cases, we make an estimation.
What is the production time? 
It is also variable, generally from three weeks to three months, depending on the work in progress at the workshop, after approval of the estimate.
More information ? contact Kin'noTé for an appointment, online if you wish

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