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Styliste dessinant un modèle

The creator

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Mylène Louicellier, creator of Kin'noTé is a textile craftswoman based in Brittany. 

Many elements of Japanese design are the basis of her inspiration: 

Simplicity and minimalism, respect for craftsmanship, the uniqueness of the beauty of materials, singularity as an aesthetic basis, creativity as a combination of tradition and innovation...

She works with noble materials with a concern for texture and volume, explores the oldest methods such as the new possibilities of 3D weaving and seeks harmony between colors, structure and materials in each piece.

Kin'noTé was born in 2014 from the passion for fashion, craftsmanship and the unique journey of its creator. Years of travel, meetings and missions around the world gave her the idea to develop a fashion for the active woman.

In 2011, Mylène embarked on training in fashion design and model making in Paris, then perfected her skills with courses in Japanese model making. She discovers the subtlety of forms, respect for the material and concretizes her approach: a fashion that exalts the personality of the one who wears it, the respect of each silhouette, the time found to do, to do well... to take the time to listen and watch to better imagine... Kin'noTé was born in 2014.

The discovery and learning of weaving on a traditional loom  in 2017 with a Breton master weaver, joining an international weaving guild that promotes innovation in this ancestral art allowed her to sharpen her know-how and have  reinforced its requirements:

  • selection of exceptional materials,

  • creation of personalized and ethical fashion.

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