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Imaginez votre tenue, une styliste modéliste la conçit pour vous

Your  outfit, unique and made to measure

un tableau de tendances vous aide à formuler votre envie, vous conseille sur les formes, les couleurs, les matières , vous inspire
A knock  take a look at some unique Kin'noTé pieces? it's this way

first, you  tell me your  project ...

It is enough  often  to explain the circumstances that make you want this garment, to know  what you like or not , to listen to you and look at you , so that we  let's find together the  clothes  which will suit you.

le dessin de mode : l'équilibre entre vos envies, les tendances et  les inspirations d'une passionnée de mode

Because it is easier to start from a drawing, a sample of fabric, a photo...

I you  offers 2 or 3 different models, a complete wardrobe ...

fabric research,  materials, colors, textures that you  highlight, who you  make life easy.

When you and  I know what you wish for,  I offer you a free quote, assorted  of course  of a deadline.

Choisissez parmi les matières disponibles ou demandez nous une recherche particulière
plus qu'une prise de mesures, un concet qui prend en compte votre silhouette


More than a measurement...

The measurements are  the first condition

good to go: a garment  to your measurements fits perfectly, is more comfortable, more durable...

and more flattering.

At Kin'noTé, we  let's do everything  for  than  taking measurements is as complete as it is enjoyable.

Thanks to an original system,  we  will have in less than 30 min a very idea  precise of your measurements, but above all  of your  morphology, what makes you unique.

One moment  privileged also to allow us to  help you put your best foot forward  value.

des matières nobles et originales, prestigieuses ou tout  simplement failes à  entretenir, selon vos besoins
Une toile por  confirmer vos choix, la coupe et  le bien aller, essentiel à votre allure et votre bien être
un vêtement  unique, parfaitement à votre taille, durable , que vous aimerez longtemps

The canvas is the prototype of your  garment  in a technical fabric.

She  allows you to visualize your outfit  and assures us of the final adjustments.

According to the or  the  desired models,

we agree on an adequate number


and  of their  planning.

Your outfit takes shape

There is no obsession with tradition at Kin'noTé:  we  choose and combine  the techniques  for their magnificent, high-performance ... or original results.

Delays  are  variable depending on the clothes and  the worked materials, the hand finishes bring a solidity and  a look that couture does not have  industrial but they take  a little  more time...


If it's  urgent, we do  at best and  we respect our commitments.

Your  outfit you  is delivered within the agreed deadlines, it  go, she you  matches.


For  the moment, Kin'noTé visits you  in the Paris region, in Brittany and  in Normandy ... and welcomes you  on appointment  in his Breton studio and in his  studio in Auvers sur Oise..

We hope soon  extend our activities to other regions thanks to  our seamstress partners...

A tailor-made garment, an inaccessible dream?  

First of all  pleasure  found an outfit that  you  will , surely.

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