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STYLISTE, MODELISTE et TISSERANDE, je  tisse des accessoires de mode, du linge de maison et  du linge de table. Je crée des vêtements sur mesure avec des tissus haute couture et  des tissus tissés pour vous. Je travaille aussi sur commande

  Our  Story


​​​ Kin'noTé is  born from the passion for  fashion, craftsmanship and  from  journey  unique from its creator.

Years of travel, meetings and  assignments for large industrial groups have given him  gave me the idea of developing fashion for active women.

Three years later, stylist training  accomplished model maker, she discovers Japanese model making, the subtlety of forms, respect for materials and  concretizes  his approach: a fashion that exalts  the personality of the wearer, respect for each silhouette, the weather  found to do, to do well... to take the time to listen and look to better imagine.

Discovery  and  learning to weave on a traditional loom   with a Breton master weaver, her membership in an international weaving guild, allowed her to sharpen her know-how and  reinforced  his requirement:

- selection of exceptional materials,

- creation of personalized and ethical fashion.


Neither fashion victim nor traditional, the Kin'noté woman  is looking for its fashion, modern and  unique, which will allow him to travel, to animate a meeting or to confront temperatures and  varied cultures while remaining  herself.

The clothes and  the accessories  Kin'noté are designed and  made one by  one in an artisanal way and  are  adapted to the lifestyle and  to the silhouette  of the woman who ordered them.

They are  sold without intermediary, directly  at the Kin'noTé workshop  in Brittany  , by appointment , in all  discretion at your desk  or at your home.  

A perfect service, an irreproachable quality, an attentive follow-up and  effective are the imperatives that we  we are fixed.

Certain Kin'noTé models, in particular  the accessories,   can be  purchased directly online and  are exhibited at designer markets.

To choose  a garment or  an accessory  Kin'noTé,

it's  afford  a moment to  self,

listening and advice included,  

the assurance of a part that  goes,  

makes you beautiful,

unique and  sure of yourself. 

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