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Pre-order: Another way to consume .. and  a way of making  more ethical.

In the history of Kin'noTé,  there has been, from the beginning, the desire to design artisanal pieces, to work with beautiful materials and to promote  a reasoned consumption that excludes neither elegance nor style.

Take the time to create beautiful clothes, beautiful, well-made, well-thought-out accessories that enhance you and in which you feel good.

Useful and desired pieces, designed for you and to last.

Exceptional pieces therefore, made with love and responsibly, in micro series  or as a single piece  in materials of very  high quality and  if possible who do not come from  end of the world.

There is no waste, no overstock, the models are constantly renewed and special requests are met with attention and  concern  at a reasonable price.

The deadlines are controlled and as the manufacture is artisanal and  integrated (Kin'noTé  designs and  manufactures its models), you will receive your accessory approximately 30 days after the start of production.

*do you know the story of the hummingbird?

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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